"Celebration Day"  Led Zeppelin at the O2 in 2007! My friend Annie was one of the lucky people to be in the 8th row right in front of Jimmy. For her, no DVD will ever be the same as being there in person that night in 2007, and seeing Led Zeppelin play for her first time.

As a dedicated fan since she was 8, she's turned her passion for music into a charity that honours the music and the great musicians that inspired her. We both feel that music has saved our lives, fueled our creativity, and given us the courage to be a bit crazy, outspoken, and relentlessly pursuing our dreams.

A few years ago Annie designed a fabulous one-of-a kind book for Jimmy, filled with stories from his fans around world. It took her over a year to collect stories from fans age 6 to 60. And the song remained the same, regardless of the nation or language, how his music influenced their lives for the better. You can read her story and see some photos of the book in the making here at Memories In Music: A gift for Jimmy Page.

Master Bookbinder Terry Buckley (who has created unique books for royalty) helped her design the massive volume which included over 800 messages and drawings. When I was in England, Annie had a few scraps of the messages in which I found an incredible outpouring of gratitude and sincerity, laughs and tears. It was amazing to see how his music had touched people's lives. She found a way to give him the book anonymously, in the spirit of a true Thank You.

This painting is dedicated to Annie and the Music Heritage Museum Project and of course, Jimmy Page himself. 

The intention was to manifest the power of music through eternity by preserving the legacy of British musicians.

My Inspiration for this painting: Jimmy Page playing his incredible violin bow solo on "Dazed and Confused" from the 1973 Madison Square Garden concert which was part of the "The Song Remains The Same" DVD. 20x30" oil painting on board.

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